The Latent Variable Problem

Latent variables in inference problems

Hierarchical Models in Numpyro

Exploring pooling and hierarchical models with Numpyro by estimating the free throw percentage of NBA players

Gaussian Processes and Regression

A explanation of Gaussian processes and Gaussian process regression, starting with simple intuition and building up to inference. I sample from a GP in native Python and test GPyTorch on a simple simulated example.

Dealing with Overconfidence in Neural Networks: Bayesian Approach

I trained a classifier on images of animals and gave it an image of myself, it's 98% confident I'm a dog. This is an exploration of a possible Bayesian fix. Code available too

Notes on the Beta and Dirichlet Distributions

The Beta and Dirichlet distributions are related to each other in a similar way to the Binomial and Multinomial distributions. This post explains the relationship between these 4 distributions using a simple example and some code.

Bayesian Changepoint Detection of COVID-19 Cases in Pyro

Used Pyro and a Bayesian changepoint model to detect the date that COVID-19 cases started to flattern in different countries.

Ordinary VS Bayesian Linear Regression

Walkthrough of the intuition behind Bayesian regression and a comparison with ordinary linear regression using a practical example in Pyro.

First Steps with Word Embeddings

This post explains word2vec, GloVe and fasttext in detail and shows how to use pre-trained models for each in Python.